How we engaged YouTube’s gaming community through a one-of-a-kind talent show

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The Problem

YouTube is the original home of the gaming creator, and the playground for the aspiring creator.

The issue? With so many creators on the platform, it can be hard to cut through. Gaming creators were beginning to feel a distance from the platform.

The task? To demonstrate YouTube’s authority and heritage in gaming, whilst supporting the next generation of aspiring creators and establishing brand love for the platform.


The Or

Introducing ‘uTure’. A one-of-a-kind global gaming show created to support the next generation of gaming talent.

Teaming up with Ali-A, one of the biggest gaming content creators on YouTube, we helped YouTube to use uTure to find the world’s next big gaming creator. Creative challenges were set each week so that a panel of judges, consisting of 14 of the world’s most idolised gaming creators, could vote on their favourite players.

The show lasted nine weeks and viewers could engage with the show along the way, building an instant community around the show.


What Happened Next

YouTube’s gaming community embraced uTure with open arms. The show garnered 8.3 million views, and owned organic social posts drove over 4.4m impressions. There were 2.7k mentions of uTure on social and even calls from fans for a second series.