The Vagina Museum

Celebrating the arrival of vaginas in Bethnal Green



In March 2022, The Vagina Museum, the world’s first museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas, and gynae anatomy, opened its doors at its new premises in Bethnal Green. To announce its arrival, we launched a provocative localised OOH campaign called ‘Neighbours’.

Enter 16 eye-catching, statement-led posters that drew parallels between local establishments and the museum, as well as playing on anatomical knowledge and the values of the museum itself. Cheeky, smart and beautifully designed, the campaign was plastered across the Bethnal Green area, using humour and local landmarks to extinguish the stigma associated with gynae anatomy.


The campaign transcended advertising, becoming art that people bought. Within 10 days, profits from the sale of the posters hit over £2k, which went directly back into the museum.

The campaign led to a 44% increase in website visits. In fact, 61.3% of all visitors in March stated that they visited the museum because of the advertising alone. Mission complete.