Taco Bell
See You Next Tuesday

How we brought a new meaning to ‘See You Next Tuesday’

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The Problem

Taco Tuesdays are a big thing in the US, so Taco Bell invented a ‘£2 Taco and a drink’ deal to incentivise a Taco Tuesday culture here in the UK. The problem is that they had far less to spend to market it, and ‘Taco Tuesday’ was language alien to the audience here in the UK.

The Or

When you listen out for what Taco Tuesday mean here in the UK, you get nothing. Which means blurting it out to the masses will do little to pull on the heart strings.
One thing related heavily to Tuesdays though is the phrase See-You-Next-Tuesday. A phrase used as a tongue in cheek slur to those in the know. But to Taco Bell, it could be reframed into a cheeky call to action to sling shot Taco Tuesdays into popular culture.

What Happened Next

See You Next Tuesday launched with a bang. Social commentary and press articles were written to help promote the Taco Tuesday incentive beyond the paid for reach.