Chew Plants, Not Plastic

How we exposed the big gum industry’s plastic problem

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The Problem

Nuud chewing gum is plastic-free. Most major gum brands incorporate one drinking straw’s amount of plastic in each piece of the chewy stuff.

The issue? People aren’t aware that they’re chewing plastic and big gum companies are not confessing to the fact.

The task? Make people think about what they’re putting in their mouths, and put pressure on big gum companies to be more transparent about the plastic they’re popping in their products.


The Or

Introducing ‘Chew Plants, Not Plastic.’

A provocative poster campaign that informed the public that much of the gum they consume contains plastic.

Through bold creative that looked rather similar to some famous gum graphics, we helped Nuud to call out the industry giants guilty of disguising the use of single-use plastic in their products.

Debuting in an OOH spot in Leicester Square, the campaign aimed to educate the public, many of whom aren’t aware of what they’re chewing, whilst igniting a conversation around the environmental implications of big gum.


What Happened Next

‘Chew Plants, Not Plastic’ is the first step in Nuud’s efforts to get big gum to be more transparent. Watch this space for more feather-ruffling, coming soon.