The other way to do car rental

THE OUT is a luxury car rental company, powered by Jaguar Land Rover.

Rather than create an “ad” telling people to get out, we created a fully functional kidnapping service, helping them to do it.

Simply book to have yourself extracted out of your 9-5 routine. Our balaclava-clad mob turns up to your door and leads you to a brand-new Land Rover Defender. You’re told to select a postcode from the list and drive, with your destination remaining unknown…

We scripted a fully immersive driving experience with our theatre friends, The Heritage Arts Company, with more twists and turns than a Grand Theft Auto mission.

We kidnapped all sorts, from journalists to DJs and even an England International footballer.

The earned media coverage led to the highest monthly revenue figures in the history of the brand – and the client left with a lot of leftover duct tape and balaclavas.